Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Belief

Once there was a firm believer of ALLAH. That believer had suffered almost all the hardships in life. His family died in a car crash, livelihood wasn’t easy going by any means, struggled maintaining a fair income and was treated as an outcast by the society. The loss of his family was the most excruciating moment of his life. But despite all the thorns injected by life, his belief stood in unwavering resolve. He worshipped ALLAH whole heartedly and thanked him for everything he could imagine to thank. At the end of the day, the believer knew one thing for sure and that Allah is the greatest judge and he will make things right one day. But days went on with hardships getting insurmountable everyday and the only pity life could render him was death. So he died and no grief was shed on his death.

When the believer opened his eyes, he was standing between two gigantic doors opposite in direction with nothing else in vicinity. Just as he stood there overwhelmed, the devil approached him in a disguised figure and said “You spent your entire life believing in the one who doesn’t exist. The door to your right is hell and to your left is heaven. If you choose to relinquish your belief then you will be pardoned and sent to heaven but if you don’t then you know the price of alternative”. The believer stood there in shock as numbness started to creep inside. Just when it looked like he would break apart, the door of heaven opened. Upon seeing beyond that door, he was drawn towards it and the numbness feeling started to rush back. The word beauty had no match to what he saw. Also his beloved family approached the door beckoning him towards them with a smile. As the believer got nearer to heaven and his family, a surge of happiness after a long time started to develop inside him. He knew that his life of hardships was over. Finally a life of comfort, happiness, love, pleasure, joy with immortality became possible. Everything a human may ever desire was just couple of steps away. Everything…………except ALLAH. And on that very thought he stopped. Unknowingly the believer briskly walked multiple steps towards heaven but now even a single step looked like climbing Mount Everest. The devil was immensely perturbed by this and quickly rushed towards him and asked “you are just couple of steps away from everything a man desires. So why have you stopped?” The believer humbly replied by following words:

"It is true that what is ahead of me is what I have longed for my entire life. All my dreams and wishes are within my reach. My pursuit of happiness is about to end but the thing is that it has never been about me. You tell me that ALLAH doesn’t exist then why do I feel him in my heart, mind ,blood and soul. You tell me that ALLAH doesn’t exist then why was it that only the mere thought of him gave me the strength to overcome all the pain and sorrows in life and keep going on. You tell me that ALLAH doesn’t exist then why is that I feel that only he is the one capable of creating me, people, earth, planets, stars, universe and the unknown (Just then the believer turned around and started walking in opposite direction and his family also turned back happily). I know behind the heaven door lay all my desires but they all will remain insatiable without ALLAH. My life was tough but Allah was always there for me and now I am here for him. Real or not, ALLAH is the only one I still believe in and always will. Not only because I want to but also because he deserves so (Now the believer stood couple of footsteps from the door of hell). Anything and everything is about ALLAH and always will be and if the price of believing in him is hell then it’s a price I shall gladly pay. I have believed in him anywhere and everywhere so OPEN THE DOOR! and take me to the depths of abyss for it is the one place I have yet to test my belief"

Upon hearing these words the devil was filled with anguish and faded away into nothingness. Just then the door flew open and this time there were no words ever invented to describe what the believer saw. There he was, The Great One, The Almighty, THE KING OF KINGS………..ALLAH. The believer saw him and fell to his knees with bent head and tears gushing out. ALLAH saw the believer and said “WELL DONE”.


1. The sole motivation behind this fiction is to glorify ALLAH.
2. ALLAH was going to reward the believer with heaven no matter what door he would have chosen. ALLAH always knew his choice for ALLAH knows everything.
3. The believer was rewarded with a high rank in heaven with his family.

The believer's real desire wasn't money,house,education,perfect spouse, peace of mind........but to be united with ALLAH..........what are your desires?


  1. Hmm Mr. President, good words you copied here ;) ( lol ) just kidding.
    I don't have much time to write down a complete reply to you blog, but indeed ill share a small though to begin with.
    Point number 2 or probably 3 in which you stated that everything in Islam is according to logic, i somehow disagree to it.
    See when we talk about logic, we are indirectly talking about science or things that make sense to a human mind. Islam according to my limited knowledge is not merely based on logic, in fact it goes far beyond this concept, and the true sense of Islam comes, when the barriers of human understandings are crossed. Our brain is indeed one of the most powerful machines existing, but Allah and Religion is far more a concept for this little piece of thing to understand and digest. To cut short, what i mean is that, the practice of Islam can be merely logic my friend, but the concept has an aspect of spirituality and thats where your heart plays its part. That world starts where logic ends. :) what say you cap'n ?

  2. I couldn’t agree more Osman. Verily there are some aspects of Islam that can be understood by majority but if one needs to completely understand Islam then he/she will perhaps need to transcend his heart and mind to a much higher level or to an unknown territory which is alot easier said than done. According to my experience, with the passage of time I came to understand the logic (what made sense to me) to the benefits of following the creed of Islam which I never did before. What never made sense before started to me perfect sense. So I made this assumption that probably there is perfect sense/logic to every other aspect of Islam. But sadly I have yet to understand the teachings of Quran and Sunnah so my interpretation will be very limited.

    So am I right or am I right? :P……Besides if you think I got one casualty (wrong) out of 15 then it’s a number I can live with :)

    Thanks for your reply

  3. if anyone is facing hardships throughout its whole life how this firm believe comes in oneselef ? ( as in this above mentioned story )
    is this believe innnate or sumthing else is needed to hav such firm believe when u r constantly in phase of hardships n not getting any reward.
    note: this question is in refernce to story whch u mentioned. maybe that type of people exist in this world but how can they be such firm believers. dont they ever complaint or regret or hav negative thoughts?

  4. Faryyy WELL DONE...!!
    ALLAH is the GREATEST!!

  5. @ sareena

    even though it is my fiction but am still not the right person to ans that question. Sadly my belief level is much lower to that of the believer. I'll give it a shot but ill be probably fishing in the dark.

    Just like we believe that if we put our hand in burning fire then it will definitely burn, similarly the believer felt that ALLAH is the greatest judge and all his hardships will be rewarded. Essentially he submerged himself into deep thoughts and after connecting the dots came to realize that a person's life is not about his/her happiness, pain joy etc. It doesn't matter whether a person is happy or not but what matters is that whether ALLAH is happy or not.
    The believer may have lived a life full of hardship but he had something most of us would give anything for......his belief in ALLAH......this was his reward
    Also the complaint or regret parts did haunt his heart and mind but before he was a firm believer.....after that he completely understood the system formed by ALLAH.....
    hope this answer's your question......

  6. We think alike, that's all I can manage to say.
    My quest has always revolved around what you mentioned here. But of course I still need to learn more and experience more. I still need to be tested more.
    Thanks for the suggestion. Love your blog :-)

  7. Aoa.

    Reminiscent of a Dajjal scenario.. believers are not fooled by the apparent, right?

    Think you captured the believer well: 'humbly'.. 'anything and everything is about Allah'.

    If we all submit to His will, maybe He'll show us the way to this state..

    May Allah lead us on the path of Quran and Sunnah, which leads to peace..

    Thanks for the post

  8. thanks you for your comment