Saturday, 10 March 2012

One more shot at my Greatest Desire

Yesterday I received one more shot at my greatest desire when I got a call from Lums (Lahore University of Management Sciences) for MBA interview session on coming tuesday which is the last hurdle in getting admitted. I have been interviewed twice in previous two years and this year is my third attempt as this chance is presented only once a year. 
Lums MBA programme is my greatest desire cause I have never strived for or acquired quality education but recently I have developed this inquisitive behaviour which demands hungers for advanced business/management knowledge, upbeat communication skills and eyebrows raising critical reasoning. I want my thought process to be streamlined in a way that will enable me to look at things from a broader and holistic perspective. I want my arguments to be utterly logically and persuasive enough to be easily understood and acknowledged. In short, the learning provided at Lums is unprecedented to any other business institution in Pakistan and I want a piece of this hardcore action going on in there.
Truth be told cause practically I have a very low chance of getting in. Honestly I haven't done anything even close to extraordinary in my entire life e.g academics, sports, extra curricular activities etc. I have never participated in any workshop or debates and have a very low work experience. I guess the only reason they consider me each year is because I scored 93 percentile (not percentage) in entry test. I'm pretty sure every other candidate will be alot better than me by having more test scores, professional experience and exceptional academics record.
But I wont step into that room with low on confidence and motivation cause that's not how I roll. I may be the weakest candidate but sometimes our greatest strength lies in our greatest weakness. I may have the weakest credentials but my past is water under the bridge and today I'm a man with belief in my heart and ruthless aggression in my soul. I may possess the weakest communication and analytical skills but I'll try to muster something with want I have (like always) with full confidence and smile on my face.
Allah decides the outcome of everything but we decide the choice of our actions. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters to me is whether I gave my best shot or not. And if they are going to reject me again then I'm not going down without a fierce fight and will be back next year again more shot at my greatest desire.

1. Even though I will try each year to get admitted but after this year, I will consider to accept the admission acceptance letter (if offered) as my priorities may change since I am at a crucial stage of my career.
2. Each year I learn from my mistakes and try not to repeat them in order to make the attempt better than before. An improved version of me walks in that room each year (or so I think).
3. Call it my strength or my weakness but I never back down from the challenges I pick regardless of how monstrous it may be..........................never

Sometimes the fulfilment of destiny doesn't fascinate me but the road to it does 


  1. Faryyy best of luck bro!!! hope u get to dazzle the dean:P

  2. thank you both......and anon to do that i'll have to win $50 million at some casino club and then loose it all :P

  3. you already analyse that you have weakest credentials with strong desire toward LUMS which has highiest choosing level. you have words but LUMS waiting you with numbers.this is mismatch created from your side so you will responsible to match it, which depends on your learning of mistake and its correction. in presence of transparency mismatch will need much energy.
    you have invested a lot of time 2ice for getting admission in Lums.
    If you convert the answer of Q,what lums will give you in numbers then pressure on mismatch will decrease.


    Ctrl + alt + del
    1- control yourself
    2- Look for alternative solution
    3- Delet the situation which gives you tension

  4. Best of luck bro. Nail them.

    P.s. lums is not the best, IBA is! :-p

  5. Best Of Luck dear :)
    Read Soreh waqia Sorah rehman and soreh MUHMMAD and then leave everything to ALLAH he is the great guider and planner for us :) stay blessed

  6. thank you all for your kind words

  7. Just dazzle the heck outta them by going in with a smile. A full smile- teeth and all!


  8. Best of luck mr farhan.
    hope for the best.
    INSHAA ALLAH you will succeed in your desire. ameen

  9. So, how was your interview ? and when's the result coming ?

  10. unfortunely not that was a very gruelling session of 30min and i made some logical mistakes in my argument. I guess i need to enhance my work experience and analytical abilities more cause these two factors will be the reason if I'm rejected. I have no expectations but am hopeful.

  11. keep your head held high, dont loose your hope! what ever'll happen will happen for the best !
    but in case u dont get in, try Iba for Mba. after lums come iba. they have hostel for accommodating people from different cities. give it a last try !

  12. IBA doesn't accept candidates with 2 years of less work experience which I have. If not lums then I'll gave to consider foreign options or increase my work experience here and try for lums and iba next year.
    And yes i try to keep my head help high with hope and I'm reminded each day of all the more reasons to do so. Like you wrote, quitters never win and winners never quit so thank you for your support. Much obliged!

  13. I know that, but you had 2 years in b/w to increase your work exp buddy.. khier, Canadian education dpt is on round these days. They are arranging their workshops in different countries and cities. They are in Pakistan these days.. try contacting them :)
    Good luck, keep trying, u'll win inshaaAllah :)

    1. well i didn't totally waste my 2 years caz i did a low profile MBA in between but yeah i could have squeezed in atleast 1 year of experience caz the MBA i did wasn't strenuous enough. Yes canada is a good option and as a matter of fact I am looking for any wookshops held in my city. Thank you again for your advice and kind words.

    dnt loose hope :)

    1. thank you sareena for your support and yes i won't

  15. How did it go ?! and if its still to happen , all the best ! :)

  16. It went less that extraordinary which i was hoping for. It was always going to be an uphill battle for me but am still hopeful. Thank you for inquiring

  17. ferri the people who struggle alot for one cause they are the biggest losers, if this time they rejects u then u can write a book for how not to get admission in LUMS...