Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Prophecy of Mohammad Amir

Note: If you are completely aware of Amir's background and want this post to be brief then you can start from second paragraph.

Muhammad Amir belonged to a very humble background and from birth lacked many luxuries of life. But despite his hardships, Allah did provide him with a exceptional cricketing talent with the ball and cricket is a game in Pakistan the beats with the heartbeats of the entire nation. So Amir with the use of his talents landed himself in U-19 cricket team and then later joined the Pakistan's national team and thus embarked on a journey that most of us would only dream of. Most cricketers take some years to blossom but not Amir. His career sky rocketed with magnificent bowling performance against top quality world teams. Just at the age of 17, he achieved direct comparison with Wasim Akram (arguably the world's best fast bowler). His ingenious display on the field at such a young age amplified his fan base and also the media was full of fervor about him. His life became more than a dream come true but like always all good things come to an end. We all do ridiculous things when we are young and Amir was no exception to it. He brought corruption to the game by deliberately under performing in a match and accepting corrupt payments for doing it. But unfortunately for him, his treachery couldn't go unnoticed as one undercover journalist exposed his disloyalty to the whole world. So Amir's dream run had ended and not only he got banned for 5 years but also he had to serve time for his foolishness. And hence marked the Rise and Fall of Muhammad Amir.
Amir served some time in England from his original sentence and then returned back to Pakistan. At home the nation was celebrating Pakistan's Asia cup win but not Amir. Infact Amir felt absolutely gutted knowing that he could have been a part of the winning team. Knowing that he could have been the hero of the day like before and win the cup for Pakistan and it's people. Amir's disappointment made him vulnerable and weak and what do weak people do?......they succumb to the tyranny of  alcohol and drugs. Amir purchased the stuff and took it to the corner of the street. Just when he was about to shove the illegal substance down his throat to relieve himself of the agony, the believer arrived at the scene of crime and engaged himself with Amir by following conversation:-

The believer said "Who would have thought that you'd stoop so low". Amir replied angrily "who are YOU?". Believer remained calm and said "No my friend the question is who are YOU". Perturbed Amir replied "what do you want?". Believer said "Wrong again! the question is what do YOU want? Amir replied "Don't tell me that you care what I do and do not want". Now believer replied furiously "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I DON'T CARE. I don't care about your pathetic life. You wan't to know what I care? I care about those kids whose hopes and dreams YOU KILLED. Those kids had no money or any other resource in life to excel. But all they needed was you. You were the symbol against all odds. You gave them the belief to achieve great heights in life but then took it all away. You gave them the belief that it doesn't matter if you belong to a rich family or not, that anyone can achieve anything by dedication and faith in ALLAH". Believer continued with a mocking tone "And do you know what has changed with these kids after what you did?". The believer sighed, sat close to Amir and said with soft voice "Nothing!..........These kids still believe in you with their bruised and broken hearts. Yet you choose to relax yourself with this garbage and those kids choose to pray to ALLAH for the return of their hero. The believer stood up and said "I don't know what grave a sin you committed but if you feel you've lived out your life and want nothing more out of it then go out there and live your life for the people and kids who still believe in you. Give them back their hopes and dreams. Give them back the will to go on. And in the midst of all this, try considering to rise from the ashes. It's one pleasure that has no equal match and can lead to immortality and sometimes leads a person to become............A Legend!". And then the believer departed amicably.   

Amir was reduced to tears of aggravation. He sold his soul to the devil once before but not again and so he took the stuff he purchased and threw it hard in the nearby river. The nation went home after celebrating the victory but Amir went straight to nets and from that day onwards, he never looked back.
Even though it was long wait for Amir to get a chance to reclaim his lost glory but he was willing to pay the price. He shattered his dreams........but he wasn't going to let his fans suffer the same fate. He decided to start from scratch ,rehabilitate himself and work hard so that he could one day return to the Pakistan team as the new sultan of swing. He wasn't sure if he could achieve all this but he was damn sure that not a soul on earth could stop him from trying. And hence marked the Fall and Rise of Muhammad Amir.

To be continued/risen................................................By Muhammad Amir himself

The prophecy is upon him

1. The part after Pakistan's Asia cup win in second paragraph is fictional but not before it.
2. The believer's identity will be revealed in my coming soon post.

Soon cricket fields will be illuminated by the craftsmanship of Amir


  1. farhan kia ye sub muhamd amir n apko khud btaya hai :p

  2. Faryyy nice 1 bro but their are 100000000 Muhammad Amir out dere yar we dunt need corruption back in the game!
    What about Asif? Salim Malik? Salman Butt?
    The punishment shud b soo severe for Corruption dat one shud think 10000 times before taking n e step..(i believe)..

  3. anon first of all the difference between amir and all the others is that he is just 17 and lets ask ourselves that what mistakes did we commit when we were 17. And i disagree that there are many players like amir. he is just 17 and he is directly compared with wasim akram.
    Every one deserve a second chance. thank you for your perspective


  5. one should understand one's background before passing judgement. How do you expect someone to be ethical who is raised in a underdeveloped village with no education?.
    Amir served his time and still serving his ban. He made a mistake and got his punishment for it. So does that mean that now he should sit at home and listen to people's derogatory comments for his entire life? shouldn't he get a chance for redemption? shouldn't he get a second chance?
    You said one should or must be mature enough to play international cricket then tell me if you were at his place and got a shot to play at international level then would you reply but saying that "I won't play cause am not mature enough!". Amir's job was to play cricket (which he did spectacularly) and the managements job was to monitor amir's out door activities and teach him against match fixing ( in which they failed miserably).

  6. Actually I reckon punishment is for ones betterment. Yes, he is minor so his punishment could be lesser than others. That is it.

    And there are zillion factors to be considered before judgment.
    Allah knows the best.

  7. Faryy i agree with the last part of ur reply dat it waz actually the managements job to keep an eye on amir's activities and TEACH aswell as EDUCATE HIM, GROOM HIM well enough to come up on the big stage!!
    n e wayz ofcourse our nation is way to forgiving m sure he'll get another chance to prove himself meanwhile INDIA IS THE WORLD CHAMPIONS OF CRICKET!!!!!!!!!! :)

  8. likewise i'll agree with you on your last part of reply :)

  9. I wonder where was the believer when, knowing that he has committed this disgusting and heinous crime and also that there wasn't a way out, he was pleading for his innocence. He/she should have helped Amir then. You're 15 and your dad catches you smoking. Instead of being apologetic and submissive you choose to be adamant that you haven't done it. No ones dubious over the talent that he had but shame should prevail. I would also suggest all to watch his interview with an English commentator, Atherton, after he was released from prison.

  10. if the believer had known about the moment the act was being committed, he surely would have tried to stopped it. Answer to your comments is already given in my above comments. I have seen the interview and he is sorry for what he did. He got panic stricken and couldn't trust anyone that's why he was adamant on his lie.
    If one can't give the teenager a second chance then one shouldn't ask for it in life either.