Monday, 5 March 2012

The Real Test of Faith

Consider the following entanglement :
For instance, one may hold strong feelings that bribery is wrong and believe in adhering to the principles and ethics of islam. However, what decision would one make if one has been made her/his company's senior manager in a country where payments to clear goods through customs are routinely made. That person has a son with major physical and learning disabilities who needs special exercise equipment and learning aids not available in the country. The special exercise equipment and learning aids, along with the rest of that manager's household shipment, are being held in customs because customs officials want a payment for their release. Does one hold the child's needs hostage to one's values and principles of islam or does one make the payments needed to get the household shipment containing the equipment and learning aids released by the customs officials?
To be honest a major part of me would never want to be in such a situation but a small part does. I don't want to in such a predicament because i am afraid i might loose my faith in ALLAH and make the payment (bribe). But a small part of me desires to be in such a condition in order to prove to ALLAH my faith in him by not making that payment and be patient.
We really don't find it difficult to have faith in ALLAH during our discussion, salats, dinner, at work etc. We believe in him when things are running smooth. But what happens when our faith is put to test? Why do we relinquish our faith for a moment to let things work in our benefit and when our evil act is completed, we waste no time in regaining back our faith? Is such faith any good if we keep it in smooth times and discard it during testing one's?
All I want to say is that we should never loose faith in ALLAH especially in dire straits.We should not forget the fact that ALLAH governs our hearts and minds. So the best thing (i think) the above mentioned person can do is not to make that payment. Also sitting idle and just praying isn't advisable either. He/she should first complain to the head of department. If that doesn't work then go to justice department of the respective country. Have faith in ALLAH, work immensely hard and leave no stone unturned but do it all under the law of the land. At the end of the day ALLAH will do justice........he always does and always will.
So the next time you sit in your examination, make a business deal, witness unethical or unislamic activity ,presented with bribe or even feel the urge to commit a evil act which in your heart you know is a evil act then remember to be steadfast enough to remind whom your faith lies.

1. The entanglement was copied from a journal (Designing and Delivering Business Ethics Teaching and Learning by Ronald R. Sims Edward L. Felton, Jr.) with slight editing.
2. It's natural and inevitable for humans to make mistakes. Sometimes we will pass the test and sometimes fail it. But when we fail it, we should atleast built some gradual strength to challenge it next time. It's not like one fails the same test all year long without challenging it. It shouldn't work that way.
3. The author would like to remind himself that he too should remember in whom his faith lies during vulnerable times. 


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  4. those who have true faith in ALLAH i bet they nevr backout from their believe. n i think the faith gets strong when u get into the test.

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  6. also do read THE BELIEF and thank you for your kind words

    1. Dear Author ... Well expressed MashAllah ...