Thursday, 17 May 2012

Young & Stupid

Some things are inevitable.........and being young and stupid is one of them. It's one mysterious point in time which comes and goes with free will and not a force on earth can stand in it's way. It didn't matter which background you belonged to, what religion you held on to, what part of the world you hailed from, how badly/wisely you were raised cause still it came for you like it came for me and we weren't able to recognize it till the storm was over. Some enjoy it. Some survive it. Some escape it. Others endure it. But the rest are consumed by it for a long period in it. 

It's roots start to grow in adolescence and the first thing it does is to cage the rational mind and unleash all unfulfilled senses of gratification. All one thinks is to find gratification in one form or the other. Kind of like an animal prowling for its prey.......perhaps. Such a state of heart and mind gives no credence whatsoever to principles,values,empathy,ethics,morals,responsibility and no matter how hard anyone tries to make you understand all this, you just won't give a @#$&. It would feel like that the world is just build to make you happy and when things won't go according to plan than you'll point fingers anywhere but at yourself.

Its a disease that cannot be cured. But perhaps it shouldn't be either. After all there are no greater lessons learned than from mistakes and mishaps..........if one has the rational mind and wisdom to apply. But eventually most of us do learn the beauty of hindsight sooner or later. So if you are going through such a time then just ignore this post cause it may all seem gibberish and I also wish you happy hunting but if you have experienced it then look for damage control for the one's you care about and who are the current host of this vicious parasite so that a quick and smooth transition can take place towards being mature and prudent.


Friday, 4 May 2012

Playground For Good and Evil

I read somewhere that humans on an average go through approximately 60,000 thoughts daily which I guess includes both conscious and subconscious. Our thoughts matter alot to ourselves and sometimes to the entire world. They are arguably the most true and pure reality of a person's personality and identity. They make us who we are. We all have good and evil thoughts and I guess at the end of the day that's what makes us human. To capitalize on the good one's and wrestle with the evil one's. I consider our thoughts to be the "initiative". Some of these initiatives translate into actions while some wither away. But my sole argument is that we should always monitor our thoughts and not let them go haywire inside our minds. We should establish a conscious radar in our minds which should be an autonomous body. The radar should be encrypted with rules of the game for e.g if you decide never to think of unethical/evil plotting against someone and when you subconsciously/consciously initiate such a sequence then immediately sound the alarm and seize all such unwanted activities. If we don't monitor and control such pernicious thoughts then the difference between humans and animals will start to shrink. There should be some thoughts forbidden to ponder on once one is logically convinced about the detrimental effects they can cause. I'm of the view that evil thoughts gain momentum when revisited and can lead to undesirable action by clouding the rational approach. I feel when one visualizes evil thoughts in one's mind then that person is feeding the devil. They can make the cursed one stronger and the host weaker.
So the moral of this post is to keep thoughts clean and constructive if one desires for a purged soul. Certain thoughts can lead to a person's total failure in all dimensions while some can surge him/her to the ultimate level. Never forget that your thoughts are constantly evaluated by the supreme being. Indeed our thoughts are the playground for both good and evil.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves - Buddha