Monday, 3 September 2012

A Message through Universe to Ashes!

Note: It is advisable that my readers first read my previous post (10 amazing theories about the amazing universe) in order to make my argument in this post seem more relevant.

There comes a time in our lives when we have a sudden change (like a U-turn) of heart, mind or sometimes a complete change of soul. I had my moment that changed not one but all three dimensions.

The above picture known as Hubble Ultra-Deep Field is a small portion of the Universe taken by Hubble telescope and is the deepest image of space ever taken (Wikipedia).

For some this picture may just depict millions of galaxies swimming in space and that's all but for me this picture started a whole new era of perceiving things.....started the genesis! You see I have always wondered the purpose of creating the universe. I have always wondered why did ALLAH create such a MASSIVE! universe with such PRECISION! I mean if you come to think of it, all we need is just our planet earth, moon and the sun to survive. And couple of stars too cause the iron in our body comes from star explosion known as supernova. So that's all we humans need from outside our planet to live out our lives. We may choose to indulge ourselves in getting amazed by the magnificent universe or study it's nature to understand the laws of our planet but practically we don't need to concern ourselves with what's happening outside our planet's domain cause it won't make a difference to our routine lives unless it's that day when it all ends. I never really understood the purpose of universe until recently. Of all the unknown reasons clinging to my ignorance regarding the purpose of the universe, I have been able to decipher one of them and that too in the form of a message........a message to ashes!

If there is a message hidden inside the universe then lets talk about the universe itself. I have already posted 10 miraculous points about the universe in my earlier post but I still wouldn't mind writing same points over and over again as anything and everything about ALLAH's universe never seizes to amaze me. Universe is a place where millions of galaxies exist, stars are formed and exploded, galaxies are merged in a systematic way and then there are blackholes ripping apart entire galaxies. The diameter of the universe is said to be of 93 billion light years and just for one second think about the power it took to create all those gigantic planets, stars, blackholes and other matter in between the mentioned space. And now let me tell you something you already know. A blackhole which is 10 billion times the mass of our sun is not ALLAH's greatest creation, 100 billion galaxies existing only in the observable universe is not ALLAH's greatest creation, 400 billion stars existing only in our solar system alone are not ALLAH's greatest creation......not even all the majestic living and non living things that we see here on earth....but rather it is YOU AND I who are ALLAH's greatest creation.Yes! ALLAH has declared humans his greatest creation.We are amazed by the universe but actually we should be amazed at ourselves. This also means that we are the best creations created by the powers of ALLAH and I cannot write more on ALLAH's power cause that would by far transcend the limits of this post. If all this doesn't make you feel amazing then how about if I tell you that ALLAH loves you more than 70 mothers. If still that doesn't electrify your soul then how about if I tell you that we all are the UMMAH of PROPHET MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H). He was,is and always will be the wisest of us all and his love too for us is everlasting. He too never thought and did anything other than beneficial for us.So tell me now, doesn't all of this make your feel...............INVINCIBLE!

There is this word which is tossed around alot and always has been in my entire life and the word is "Impossible". People have always told me that certain things in life are impossible because of certain conditions, environment, lack of resources and influential contacts etc etc. I have always bought this notion.........BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!! You want to know what impossible really is. It's everything that is  happening out there in universe. Even the sun/moon coming up each and every single day and that too at same time and at the same spot. All this has been happening for almost 4 billion years!!!!! Try imagining the powers of ALLAH for doing this for such a long time. No wonder why pessimism is disliked in Islam cause when you have ALLAH as your creator then how the hell can a person be pessimistic in life. My friends everything that is happening in our universe is impossible......but its not......and this is what the universe and the sky tells us every single moment. There are other billion suns like our sun out there doing the same task each and every day.........take another look at the picture above and try telling yourself that somethings are impossible.

The way I see things now is that there are two kinds of rules in this world. One is man's made rule for e.g office timings of 9 to 5, an academic degree required for a job, an influential contact to get into politics etc. Then there is the other rule.................ALLAH's rule.........and that rule is.....................there are no rules!.........that if you truly believe in ALLAH, then you better believe in anything and everything.........and that my friend is the message through universe. That nothing is impossible for those who believe in ALLAH. It doesn't matter if you're weak or not ,because if you want to be world's greatest sports person, doctor, teacher, salesman, scientist, politician, ruler, student etc then GO AHEAD AND SEIZE EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! and don't let anyone ever tell you what's possible and what's not because people don't get to decide it .......only ALLAH gets to do so. You don't need substantial financial resources or influential contacts to fulfill your destiny......All you will ever need is ALLAH and nothing else. This is one elusive equation that for some it takes only a minute to realize and for some unfortunate one's..........even a lifetime is not enough.

All I need is ALLAH......sigh......there was a time when we Muslims used to truly believe this. There was a time when we Muslims used to make non-believers believe it too. It was the same time when we believed in compassion, love, knowledge, wisdom, honesty, chivalry, purity, science, ethics, morals, respect, hard work, intelligence. We used to live like kings! But now we don't have the top universities in the world. We don't have the top companies in the world. We don't even have the toughest army or the most advanced arsenal...........we are simply reduced to ashes. One of the factors I say all of this is because out of 58 Muslim countries, hardly just one can perhaps claim to be a developed nation. So I just want to ask all my countrymen and all my Muslim bothers and sisters in this world one question and one question only..........IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO CAN MAKE US BELIEVE IT AGAIN?...........Is there anyone who can inspire us to reclaim our lost there anyone?.........................

Rise and rise again..........until lambs become lions!


  1. Muslim countries are united as OIC (oh I see)and nothing beyond.
    Unfortunately, we lack firm belief in Almighty Allah SWT as told and practised by our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sallaho alaihey wasallam).

    Divded we fall.....
    Devil devided us.

    Apnay munn main doob ker paa jaa suragh-e-zindagi, toou ger mera nahin banta na bunn apna tou bunn (Allama Iqbal).

    All we need is self recognition for getting our self esteem back with the help Almighty Allah inshaAllah.
    May Allah save Muslims from the curse of hypocrisy - aamin!

    I went through your enlightening post--thanks for sharing the thought provoking piece.

  2. Thank you for enriching my post. I'd like you to participate in future as well. Indeed if we can become united, we can become invincible!

  3. Hi, Loved your blog so decided to follow, hope you are at the best of help, mind to follow back and leave a comment?
    BTW, I am Pakistani, too!

  4. Thank you for joining my blog. Surely i'll do the same.

    1. The question why Allah Subhan o Taula created all the galaxies , and under water creations with such accuracy and beauty and harmony amazes me everytime I see galactic and underwater scenes on TV.The way you've described the magnanimity of Universe and highlighted the fact Allah has exalted a tiny human being above all these creations is inspiring !

      Ps : we do have the top intelligence agency in the world i.e, ISI ;)

  5. I'm glad that you feel inspired cause that was the exact purpose of this post. I have more inspiring posts lining up so stay tuned :)

  6. This is brilliant :) It's lovely that you are reflecting upon God's creation and extracting lessons from it that you can apply in your personal life.

  7. glad you liked it! hope to see you around

  8. Love the message in last line, nice blog... :)
    Visit my blog--> A Happier Life
    Stay Blessed

  9. Asalamu alaikum,

    Interesting reading thanks for sharing. Come have a read of Second Day - 9th Zul Hijjah inshAllah and share with all your friends family who are going on Hajj inshAllah.

    Take Care.