Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hello fate! We meet atlast

We all look at this world and our lives with a certain lens. It's basically a paradigm which enables our mind to form perceptions and thoughts. It ultimately forms our sense of reality. I've been wearing a lens of "choice". This lens shows me that we are free to choose whatever our mind tells us to. I've always been fascinated by the concept of choice because it makes me believe that I am in total control of my life and that I can steer my life in any direction I want. I also believe that the power of choice is more paramount than thousands of atom bomb because all such bombs in the entire world are created by choice and not by accident. Like any other love story, my such story with "choices" took off in an incredible manner but then we finally met our much heard nemesis..........fate.

Fate has many forms but my first conscious encounter with it came recently in the form of death. While I was driving my car in the middle of night at high speed, suddenly a man appeared from no where and evasively tried to cross the road with his child before I could pass through. His plan seemed satisfactory.....the choice was made.......but fate had other ideas. As soon as I laid my eyes upon him crossing the road, I tried my best to avoid any misfortune but to no avail. Regretfully the person panicked and he landed himself right in the middle of my car and after couple of hours, the accident insured his demise. His child escaped unharmed.

Taking many factors into consideration for hindsight, I truly believe that it was an act of fate. He died in the exact way it was decided. I would have exercised many other choices if that incident didn't took place but  it turned my world upside down and I was thrown at the mercy of gloom and sorrow. Knowing that because of me that man's family was emotionally and financially torn apart and fearing that my happy days may be over gave me at least 48 hours of mental torture. 

Regarding my condition and situation, I believed then and I believe now that ALLAH gave me that test for which I had the ability to clear. Also the crisis could have been a million times worse for me but ALLAH my savior was there to protect me like he always has been my entire life. 

After the incident I've come to understand that fate will always try to meddle with our lives from time to time. It may slow us down and distract us from our mission but now I understand the words of Stephen Covey that "fate may influence us but it cannot determine us". Fate brought death infront of me but whether to run away after the accident or to take him immediately to hospital which i did was a matter of "choice". Our religion,culture,ethics and principles have laid down the correct choices for us to make and if fate tries to endanger those right choices, never let it do so and never falter! I also believe that our entire lives is all about the choices we make in every context and it is these choices that will define our legacy in this world and after.

1. A settlement is established with the deceased family and a case launched at police station is closed permanently.
2. May ALLAH provide heaven to the departed and may ALLAH permanently heal the emotional and financial wounds of his family as soon as possible.
3. I thank all my relatives and friends who supported me in my troubled times and may ALLAH also heal all your wounds. My Special gratitude to Sameer tariq, Hina khan, Farah munawar and Hina shaukat. My misery would have been 4-fold without your company.