Saturday, 19 January 2013

First Reform Yourself !

"Revolutions are ought to be genuinely flared up inside people's hearts and minds first. The rest will systematically follow itself"

In the words of John F. kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. I believe majority of our people are unaware of this notion. Those who are reject it vehemently because of the perception fed by our principle-less society. Nevertheless major part of blame still resides with us and us only. I see people in many circles of life complaining and criticizing the government whenever they have some time to waste and they enjoy it too and why wouldn't they because it’s the most fun loving activity on god's green earth. People want our government not to cheat, not to be corrupt, be honest with everyone, help the poor, not to be involved in sinful (haram) activities, be rigorous at work all times, speak nothing but the truth .Well I have a question for myself and 190 million population of Pakistan that do we possess the same and other required qualities within ourselves consistently?

My country just witnessed the end of a long march in addition to 3 days sit-in which claims to plant the seeds of revolution and a new beginning. It also claims to put an end to unislamic and nefarious practices in Pakistan. Its claims victory!!! Well I just checked the status of our country and not surprisingly we are still slaves to an interest-based economy. We still live in a society where alcohol is part of norm and our youth consumed by drugs and dishonorable behaviors. We still live in a society where the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer. A society marked by ignorance and injustice. We are still an Islamic nation only in theory and not in practice.........What Victory?? Such long marches can perhaps positively impact us in the short run but not in the long run. Quick fixes don't bring revolution as per my understanding. Our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) verily identified many years ago that "Like people, Like government". In the light of this I'd like to suggest that it's not the government that needs to be purged's YOU and I. Our societies collectively need to rise first in terms of integrity, passion, competence and wisdom. Reforming the government is equivalent to reforming the symptom whereas it's the disease that needs to cured.........and the disease is regretfully us!

The government does not fall from the sky or imported from developed countries but rather it comes from the 190 million population and I believe all its decisions and actions in domestic and international level are replicates of our decisions and actions in our own lives. I have witnessed vast majority of my countryman involved in betrayal, drugs, fornication, profiteering and many more and yet YOU WANT JUSTICE FROM THE GOVERNMENT!!

It’s a no-brainer that our government has persistently failed over the years but by criticizing or demonstrating won't matter in the long run. Every single reform you want from your government must come with a consistent/habitual reform with yourself first. One should not abandon faith because it’s not a matter of days. It's like going at war with your impulse everyday. Every individual should focus and execute his moral authority and raise his/her intellect to a higher level. Remember that good intentions can never compensate for good judgment therefore acquiring knowledge, skill and wisdom is of paramount importance along with integrity. This way an honest society will emerge bringing the kind of leaders you want. Only then you can exercise legitimate audacity to criticize and complaint about those in power or perhaps.............. you won't have to.

1. Long march was not the motivating factor behind this post.