Friday, 29 November 2013

The Great Invitation

Just like any other unfortunate soul, I too was drifting away into no man's land. I thought I knew what I was doing and where I was headed but my thoughts lacked substance and results like always. Although I was living a pretty satisfied life or perhaps I thankfully tend to see the brighter side of the picture but in any case I was Regrettably the only thing I'm good at. But then it happened and in the midst of my madness and self destruction I was delivered an invitation to a journey of a lifetime. A journey that would show me the truth and bring colour to my life. And most importantly a journey whose recollection would rescue me whenever I would was a journey of HAJJ.

Thanks to the master of the worlds ALLAH, my hajj went incredibly safe and delightful. I felt like a guest of honour within couple of days of arrival in makkah. I felt like I was destined to be there in order to reclaim my life. The food was great and residence was comfortable as well. Everything was in order including the transportation. Millions of people around the globe wish with utmost desire for this journey and here I was blessed with the same journey with comfort. Strange as it may sound but the truth is that I never wished for such a journey nor I knew that a muslim should atleast wish for it. So this only goes to show the greatness of ALLAH that he not only invites his pious men and women but also lost and disobedient souls like me. There is not a single doubt in my mind that I never deserved such a blessed journey and it only reiterates my earlier point that it only proves ALLAH's greatness...........sigh...........feels like even the word greatness doesn't even begin to describe ALLAH's greatness.

May ALLAH invite you all for HAJJ with comfort in coming years like he invited me. Ameen.


  1. Mabrook Haji :) Hope it's accepted and repeated soon.

  2. ma shaa Allah.....Bohat bohat mubarik. totaly surprized :)...soch ka andaz tmhara change ho chuka hy wo nai raha jo aj se aik saal pehly shaa Allah as i planned with hina..wil meet soon and discuss :)) stay blessed .

    1. Sure, I'll be glad to tell about my magical trip

  3. Ahh..!! Fary bro m sooo happy for u :)
    Just pray dat i get the GREAT INVITATION once aswell.... :$

  4. thank you all for your comments,may ALLAH bless you all