Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Humanity Check

Evil in it's purest form struck Peshawar city today when some coward terrorists attacked a school and killed innocent children. Before these children could know what is terrorism, what is politics, which sect they belonged to,what are their dreams or even ponder why is there so much evil in this world, they were brutally slaughtered to death !!!! Such barbaric acts are not new to my homeland. I too have read, watched, listened and even spoke about such acts with little or no empathy in the past. But today for the first time I feel disgusted and anguished inside......sigh.......perhaps there is some humanity left inside me after all. I wish I were strong and brave enough to grab those bastards who killed those bright children and hang them multiple times with my own hands. But the truth is that I'm a coward myself and even if those terrorists were standing in front of me right now, I'd probably do nothing and walk away.
So if I can't fight the evil out there, I guess i'll take my anger out on the evil that runs through my veins. I wouldn't be able to slaughter the evil inside me in the same manner as those barbarians did to those innocent souls but i'll still fight with every inch of my soul in sha allah. Hopefully this way a day would come when I'd stand tall, look evil dead in it's eyes and say.......it's payback time!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Slaves of Fate, Masters of Will

Born in captivity, bled by society and blinded by so-called education........man is indeed in great danger. As hopeless as it may sound but such forces don't pose that much of a serious threat to a man's immortality. Even the devil is just an another crony along with the rest. Man's real nemesis is fate.It does what it does and get's what it get's. It's like a juggernaut which is blasting it's way anywhere and everywhere. It's not an illusion but rather exists in the very fabric of nature. But nature has another eccentric force that has the audacity to balance the equation. And that equalizer is the will to act. It's that force which resurrects hope where there is none, give's courage despite fear, give's strength against all odds, separates the weak from the strong.....and even levitates a man's spirit to the final frontier and beyond.
Such a shame that most people are oblivious to this mystery. Some use it with little ambition and passion......and then there are those few who unleash the beast and go on to make their own fate. But the secret of life is not hidden in our destinations. It's deciphered in our journeys. So be prepared for setbacks and when the storm is over, let the system reboot and keep moving forward. Perhaps one day in the midst of all this madness..........the shackles would break.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Counting Stars


My sweet love.....sigh.....Where are you? Can you hear me? Can you feel me?.....I hope tonight you can. I've waited so long for you. Sometimes I ponder which blessed part on earth you dwell, what would you look like, how would your fragrance lift my spirit and .......how would the back of my fingers feel on your soft cheeks. 

The world has been very cruel to me. It has punished me more for my crimes than I deserved and sometimes ruthlessly. But my love I wont break so easily. I won't give up on you so soon. Not until I deliver you an universe of passion I've kept for you in deep dungeons of my heart since my beginning. It's true ! I've loved you since my birth. This envious world has taken some of it from me but that's alright cause I still got plenty to kiss your pain away. To love you and care for you without a worry in the world. To hold you tighter with each passing moment. I sometimes picture us together lying at the roof of our house in the middle of the night and counting stars. Just us and stars alone. I'll thank God that day for making uncountable stars so that we can stay up all night, waste time, count stars and create such moments that will last forever.

It's a cruel world and I know it hasn't spared you also. I know this because sometimes my heart starts aching without any reason. So just hang in there for a while my damsel in distress. Soon I'll have you in my arms and i'll see to it who or what dares to hurt my precious angel from that point onwards. 

Just so you know I'm no prince. I don't dress like one. Don't have wealth like one. Surely don't look like one either. But I'll definitely know how to behave like one when I'll lay my gaze upon your pretty face.

The sad truth is that you've been the last thing on my mind .But not anymore. I've made plans for us to live a life more than a life itself. I'll give you everything I can. I'll be there for you everywhere I can be for better or worse. But I know there will be times when I'll let you down for I'm only human. So let this post be a reminder and a guide for me to realize again how much you mean to me.....even before I met you.......

Some day soon we will be united and remain so by the grace of God for eternity. We'll grow old together but our love shall remain forever young......deep sigh......I wish you could be here right now......There is so much more to tell you about my fears and dreams and to know about yours also. So for now I'll just go out and watch the stars shine down on me.........hoping the same stars are shining down on you too where ever you are..........

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


He dropped his hands on the table pretty hard and glazed right through "the man's" soul. Clueless, frustrated and derailed, he cursed "the man" with the most savage force on earth.......silence. But in response, like always, shown was a miserable manifestation of passion, glory and purpose by the man..........in the mirror....... 

Sunday, 27 July 2014


I don't know much about reality but there was this amazing incident which showed me where to find it. Some time back I visited my ordinary local shop to get some ordinary thing. As I was in the middle of my transaction, I heard a female voice behind me that awoke me to reality. It is till date the sweetest symphony I've heard. I stood there stunned trying to figure out why does an angel need to make a transaction from a shop. The innocence in her voice was so soothing that made me shameful of my sins and the more I heard that voice the more I got mesmerized by it. Felt like my heart is being purged of all evil. This is only a mere fraction of what I'm able to write. Most part of how I truly felt remains inexplicable. Every inch of my soul was telling me to get a glimpse of this heaven on earth and see if her voice is so beautiful then how beautiful would she be. But I couldn't dare to watch her. My sinful eyes backed by my sinful hearth had no right to witness something so graceful. So I left that place with no clue what was she wearing, how old was she and.......what colour were her eyes. As I was leaving I started feeling drowsy again and before I returned to my dream forever the way I was dreaming before, I did take something from her that day. It was and remains a firm belief that.........heaven is for real......

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Prisoner's Sin 2

Dark days and darker nights. Such is the feel one gets from one far off mysterious island which is home to worlds dangerous prisoners locked up in a maximum security prison. The whole island is heavily guarded with cutting edge technology and the mere idea of prison break suddenly starts to fade away the day anyone lands on this island. It's virtually impossible to escape from such a prison. But inmate 51 had other plans. Plans whose time had come. He wasn't always recognized as 51. Once he had a name, a family, friends, ambitions, dreams......and that one person. But after committing the unspeakable sin all was taken away from him and the consequences had landed him to devil's turf. 

Bounded and blinded, inmate 51 entered the prison with defeated shoulders who was maliciously welcomed as he walked past locked up devil's favorite children. There was no sin in the world these beasts in the form of human flesh hadn't committed. It's was an terrible feeling to be in such a predicament but the prisoner knew that if you're willing to do the crime, you better be prepared to do the time. The walk was getting heavier. Soul was getting emptier. Air was getting thicker. The guards escorted him to his cell with other immoral prisoners. He sat on the dark edge of the cell which felt like the edge of the world. After some time sustenance was brought but in very limited quantity which was not enough for even half the prisoners. But the guards did this intentionally so that these prisoners would fight each other for survival or perhaps even kill if they had to in order for them to eternally remain corrupted. 

As the other inmates started their barbarism for survival, reality struck hard at inmate 51 who could see the end of his human spirit. The stage was set for the devil's final blow. The dark edge where he sat was getting darker. The influence was getting stronger. The choice was to come next. But in between the influence and the choice the prisoner reached out to his soul, feel on his knees before his master and begged for mercy. At the epitome of his humbleness he finally received forgiveness. He stood up on his knees and now the prisoner was blessed with the most beautiful force on earth........the will to fight......with himself!

What you do when you fall down shall define you

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Prisoner's Sin

Everywhere we hear stories and watch movies about that one person who saves the day and rescues the damsel in distress. Some just don't stop there but go on to save humanity. The person i'm referring to is that person who is called the "hero". Some would like to call him/her the "savior". It's a no-brainer to understand why such people are adored by many because of their utmost courage and principles. Their songs are sung. Their tributes are paid. But where there is a hero, there is also his/her equal known as the "villain". Villains are resented because of the paths they take and the choices they make and the end of the story are to be cast out of the society and left to despair for the rest of their miserable life. You pick one end of the stick so you have to pick the other aswell and such people have to pay the price for their actions.But not all villains forever succumb to the tyranny of corruption. Not all never look past their choices. Not all never rise from darkness...... especially not the one i'm going to tell you about.

To be continued.....

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Glancing over my defeated shoulder from the edge of a forbidden territory, I witness with sore eyes the passing of a monster storm that has not only left a myriad of scars to endure but also has left me incompetent to figure out whether it was I who designed these scars with my oblivion or was it the majestic nature of the storm that came like a dark horse. In either case it was one heck of a blind ride. Now I stand here at my first ever crossroad trying to establish where to go from here when I turn the page. Infinite choices lay before my caged mind. A mind that has lost it's heart somewhere along the way. But in the midst of madness there is this vivid vision calling me to fulfill my legacy in order to bask in the glory with immortals. Birth of this vision may be recent, but I feel it's roots were laid before mine. So before I step out in this mysterious world again, before I call out my destiny for rescue, before I restart my journey..........only this time I must first journey within.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dawn of the Dark Age

The demons have arrived to reclaim their lost glory. They waited a long time for this moment. Last time their reign lasted for a little while but this time they have returned with more conviction. It has been a well crafted execution of plan. They sowed the seeds and waited for the right time to strike. Nobody gave them a chance but here they are to prove to the world that they still have it in them to strike fear in the hearts of men. The annihilation has begun. Fear does the honors. Rest follow suit. The only thing remains to be seen is will the waves in ocean rise once more. If so then when...........  

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Healer of Wounded Hearts

I know you're hurt inside .......I know your pain as well as your story. I also know that it hasn't been easy living and that you have been brought down on numerous occasions by someone or something. No matter how hard you try and how much success you gain in this world, your heart is still unable to catch that elusive peace. You cry with tears and without them but nobody's truly there with you to share your agony. Nobody's truly there to empathize with you. You not only feel guilty for the pain you caused other people but also for the sins you committed.You're not such a bad person the world portrays you to be. And now,unfortunately, you feel deserted, broken and lost inside. But it didn't had to be this way. It wasn't supposed to be this way. You were born to shine and shine you should; the universe anticipates your rise. You are sleeping but you're not dead yet. You shall not be defeated this easily, not on my watch. So wake up! O blessed one and come to me so that you be shown the light to resurrect. And so that your dreams be fulfilled and your anguish defeated once and for all. I shall await your arrival for I'm madina..........healer of wounded hearts.

1. Come to me means physically or/and spiritually.
2. Identification of any mistake would be much appreciated.
3. Kindly ask in case of any ambiguity. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Familiar Foe

Here I am yet again man to man against my beloved, merciless nemesis. Feels like ages since the inauguration of our rivalry......time is indeed a flyer. Although I have the luxury to surrender this time and find another means to an end but surrendering isn't something i'm accustomed to.   

My friend.......my foe...... such is the majestic deception of this masked demon that I sometimes find it hard to discern. In any case, odds have always been against me. My enemy has displayed immaculate prowess while pursuing a "no prisoner" policy. It has always left me battered and bruised after the battle.......but battered and bruised I return like always to accomplish my dream. But before the war reinstates, I must go back to the drawing board to rejuvenate my intellectual skills and abilities. 

As I sat down and glanced around to start my training session which is like an old cellar, I was reminded of the insurmountable outlook of work to be done in order for me to be in a more competitive shape. And just as I was about to be delivered a sucker punch by the devil's favorite child "hopelessness", some mystic rays of hope pierced through the window and struck me twice, first to my face and then to my soul, telling me to rise and rise again until lambs become lions. Telling me to feel the "winds of change". I sighed and then beamed back to it knowing something's peculiar this time around.