Sunday, 26 January 2014

Familiar Foe

Here I am yet again man to man against my beloved, merciless nemesis. Feels like ages since the inauguration of our rivalry......time is indeed a flyer. Although I have the luxury to surrender this time and find another means to an end but surrendering isn't something i'm accustomed to.   

My foe...... such is the majestic deception of this masked demon that I sometimes find it hard to discern. In any case, odds have always been against me. My enemy has displayed immaculate prowess while pursuing a "no prisoner" policy. It has always left me battered and bruised after the battle.......but battered and bruised I return like always to accomplish my dream. But before the war reinstates, I must go back to the drawing board to rejuvenate my intellectual skills and abilities. 

As I sat down and glanced around to start my training session which is like an old cellar, I was reminded of the insurmountable outlook of work to be done in order for me to be in a more competitive shape. And just as I was about to be delivered a sucker punch by the devil's favorite child "hopelessness", some mystic rays of hope pierced through the window and struck me twice, first to my face and then to my soul, telling me to rise and rise again until lambs become lions. Telling me to feel the "winds of change". I sighed and then beamed back to it knowing something's peculiar this time around.