Thursday, 26 June 2014


Glancing over my defeated shoulder from the edge of a forbidden territory, I witness with sore eyes the passing of a monster storm that has not only left a myriad of scars to endure but also has left me incompetent to figure out whether it was I who designed these scars with my oblivion or was it the majestic nature of the storm that came like a dark horse. In either case it was one heck of a blind ride. Now I stand here at my first ever crossroad trying to establish where to go from here when I turn the page. Infinite choices lay before my caged mind. A mind that has lost it's heart somewhere along the way. But in the midst of madness there is this vivid vision calling me to fulfill my legacy in order to bask in the glory with immortals. Birth of this vision may be recent, but I feel it's roots were laid before mine. So before I step out in this mysterious world again, before I call out my destiny for rescue, before I restart my journey..........only this time I must first journey within.