Sunday, 27 July 2014


I don't know much about reality but there was this amazing incident which showed me where to find it. Some time back I visited my ordinary local shop to get some ordinary thing. As I was in the middle of my transaction, I heard a female voice behind me that awoke me to reality. It is till date the sweetest symphony I've heard. I stood there stunned trying to figure out why does an angel need to make a transaction from a shop. The innocence in her voice was so soothing that made me shameful of my sins and the more I heard that voice the more I got mesmerized by it. Felt like my heart is being purged of all evil. This is only a mere fraction of what I'm able to write. Most part of how I truly felt remains inexplicable. Every inch of my soul was telling me to get a glimpse of this heaven on earth and see if her voice is so beautiful then how beautiful would she be. But I couldn't dare to watch her. My sinful eyes backed by my sinful hearth had no right to witness something so graceful. So I left that place with no clue what was she wearing, how old was she and.......what colour were her eyes. As I was leaving I started feeling drowsy again and before I returned to my dream forever the way I was dreaming before, I did take something from her that day. It was and remains a firm belief that.........heaven is for real......


  1. Asalamu alaikum,

    Have a happy Eid ul Fitr: Eid Mubarak! Come and read my message and leave some words jazakAllah khair.

    Take Care

  2. Now that is strangely romantic. Felt nice reading it. Poignant!

  3. thank you for your kind feedback

  4. OMG FARY u still rem dat:)
    It's loooooong time back!

  5. I dont know the time when you had this dream but it may be the sign that Allah have chosen you to think and ponder about hidden or it may that something more worthy than you desires is waiting for you..God Bless You !

  6. Farah it wasn't a dream. I expressed it in way to show that the moment i described felt like true reality and everything else seems like a facade/dream in front of it.
    Thanks for your valuable feedback. hope to see you around in future