Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Prisoner's Sin

Everywhere we hear stories and watch movies about that one person who saves the day and rescues the damsel in distress. Some just don't stop there but go on to save humanity. The person i'm referring to is that person who is called the "hero". Some would like to call him/her the "savior". It's a no-brainer to understand why such people are adored by many because of their utmost courage and principles. Their songs are sung. Their tributes are paid. But where there is a hero, there is also his/her equal known as the "villain". Villains are resented because of the paths they take and the choices they make and the end of the story are to be cast out of the society and left to despair for the rest of their miserable life. You pick one end of the stick so you have to pick the other aswell and such people have to pay the price for their actions.But not all villains forever succumb to the tyranny of corruption. Not all never look past their choices. Not all never rise from darkness...... especially not the one i'm going to tell you about.

To be continued.....

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