Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Slaves of Fate, Masters of Will

Born in captivity, bled by society and blinded by so-called education........man is indeed in great danger. As hopeless as it may sound but such forces don't pose that much of a serious threat to a man's immortality. Even the devil is just an another crony along with the rest. Man's real nemesis is fate.It does what it does and get's what it get's. It's like a juggernaut which is blasting it's way anywhere and everywhere. It's not an illusion but rather exists in the very fabric of nature. But nature has another eccentric force that has the audacity to balance the equation. And that equalizer is the will to act. It's that force which resurrects hope where there is none, give's courage despite fear, give's strength against all odds, separates the weak from the strong.....and even levitates a man's spirit to the final frontier and beyond.
Such a shame that most people are oblivious to this mystery. Some use it with little ambition and passion......and then there are those few who unleash the beast and go on to make their own fate. But the secret of life is not hidden in our destinations. It's deciphered in our journeys. So be prepared for setbacks and when the storm is over, let the system reboot and keep moving forward. Perhaps one day in the midst of all this madness..........the shackles would break.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Counting Stars


My sweet love.....sigh.....Where are you? Can you hear me? Can you feel me?.....I hope tonight you can. I've waited so long for you. Sometimes I ponder which blessed part on earth you dwell, what would you look like, how would your fragrance lift my spirit and .......how would the back of my fingers feel on your soft cheeks. 

The world has been very cruel to me. It has punished me more for my crimes than I deserved and sometimes ruthlessly. But my love I wont break so easily. I won't give up on you so soon. Not until I deliver you an universe of passion I've kept for you in deep dungeons of my heart since my beginning. It's true ! I've loved you since my birth. This envious world has taken some of it from me but that's alright cause I still got plenty to kiss your pain away. To love you and care for you without a worry in the world. To hold you tighter with each passing moment. I sometimes picture us together lying at the roof of our house in the middle of the night and counting stars. Just us and stars alone. I'll thank God that day for making uncountable stars so that we can stay up all night, waste time, count stars and create such moments that will last forever.

It's a cruel world and I know it hasn't spared you also. I know this because sometimes my heart starts aching without any reason. So just hang in there for a while my damsel in distress. Soon I'll have you in my arms and i'll see to it who or what dares to hurt my precious angel from that point onwards. 

Just so you know I'm no prince. I don't dress like one. Don't have wealth like one. Surely don't look like one either. But I'll definitely know how to behave like one when I'll lay my gaze upon your pretty face.

The sad truth is that you've been the last thing on my mind .But not anymore. I've made plans for us to live a life more than a life itself. I'll give you everything I can. I'll be there for you everywhere I can be for better or worse. But I know there will be times when I'll let you down for I'm only human. So let this post be a reminder and a guide for me to realize again how much you mean to me.....even before I met you.......

Some day soon we will be united and remain so by the grace of God for eternity. We'll grow old together but our love shall remain forever young......deep sigh......I wish you could be here right now......There is so much more to tell you about my fears and dreams and to know about yours also. So for now I'll just go out and watch the stars shine down on me.........hoping the same stars are shining down on you too where ever you are..........