Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Slaves of Fate, Masters of Will

Born in captivity, bled by society and blinded by so-called education........man is indeed in great danger. As hopeless as it may sound but such forces don't pose that much of a serious threat to a man's immortality. Even the devil is just an another crony along with the rest. Man's real nemesis is fate.It does what it does and get's what it get's. It's like a juggernaut which is blasting it's way anywhere and everywhere. It's not an illusion but rather exists in the very fabric of nature. But nature has another eccentric force that has the audacity to balance the equation. And that equalizer is the will to act. It's that force which resurrects hope where there is none, give's courage despite fear, give's strength against all odds, separates the weak from the strong.....and even levitates a man's spirit to the final frontier and beyond.
Such a shame that most people are oblivious to this mystery. Some use it with little ambition and passion......and then there are those few who unleash the beast and go on to make their own fate. But the secret of life is not hidden in our destinations. It's deciphered in our journeys. So be prepared for setbacks and when the storm is over, let the system reboot and keep moving forward. Perhaps one day in the midst of all this madness..........the shackles would break.

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