Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Humanity Check

Evil in it's purest form struck Peshawar city today when some coward terrorists attacked a school and killed innocent children. Before these children could know what is terrorism, what is politics, which sect they belonged to,what are their dreams or even ponder why is there so much evil in this world, they were brutally slaughtered to death !!!! Such barbaric acts are not new to my homeland. I too have read, watched, listened and even spoke about such acts with little or no empathy in the past. But today for the first time I feel disgusted and anguished inside......sigh.......perhaps there is some humanity left inside me after all. I wish I were strong and brave enough to grab those bastards who killed those bright children and hang them multiple times with my own hands. But the truth is that I'm a coward myself and even if those terrorists were standing in front of me right now, I'd probably do nothing and walk away.
So if I can't fight the evil out there, I guess i'll take my anger out on the evil that runs through my veins. I wouldn't be able to slaughter the evil inside me in the same manner as those barbarians did to those innocent souls but i'll still fight with every inch of my soul in sha allah. Hopefully this way a day would come when I'd stand tall, look evil dead in it's eyes and say.......it's payback time!

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