Saturday, 19 September 2015

Silence of the Winds

Once there existed a small town in a remote piece of land. The residents of that town were ethically backward and morally corrupt. Children at early age were given no education on how to behave, men treated their women with utmost disrespect and elderly were left on their own. Any modern society would've cried tears of blood after witnessing the horror displayed at that town. Injustice ran rampant. Hatred grew stronger. Humanity stooped to new levels. But humanity was not going to face such barbarism alone. Because when devils reign on earth goes unabated, angels come down to balance the equation. And an angel did arrive in that town on one fine cloudy and windy morning.......

She....sigh..... even the mere thought of her gets the best of writers mesmerized. She was nothing like anyone has ever known. After arriving at that town in a hooded dress to conceal her beauty from the evil surrounding, she first approached a gathering of children who ganged up and were beating another kid mercilessly. She quickly intervened and took the poor kid under her protection and politely requested those other kids to show some empathy. Her own empathy had such a magical effect that those children immediately complied. That princess in disguise moved on to other parts of the town and saw an elderly who was gingerly walking towards his home. She grabbed his hand with immense care and accompanied the elderly all the way to his home. As that angel on earth was about to depart from that town, she saw a women sitting and crying at the front porch of her own home because her husband had beaten her up but only this time with more cruelty than before. She approached her too, helped her up and raised her chin which her soft fingers and told her to go back to her man and assured her that everything will be fine. The innocence in her eyes had another mysterious reaction on that women and when that women went back to her man, he feel in love with his own wife for the first time and remained so forever.

Angels do exist in human form and that beautiful specimen remains a living proof. Just before her departure from that town, she looked back, lowered her hood, raised her palm and blew a kiss towards the town as the winds carried her purity to all the dead hearts of that town. The devils reign ended afterwards and the age of love and compassion began.

She has never been seen after that day.............until now :)

Happy birthday Ayesha :)     


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Rising Mind

I knocked I kicked down the doors of the deepest, darkest dungeon inside me and entered for the umpteenth time. As I walked past the rubble of my destruction and watched my failures from the past, I was filled with disgust not because of what I've become....sigh....but what I could've been. But I wasn't  there that day to mourn my losses. I don't have time to bleed anymore. I was there to grab a very special force.....the feather of the phoenix's wing. So i descended deeper into the dungeon as the demons made every effort to stop me. Some of them were even shocked to see me adventuring inwards. After all, how many of us are educated enough to do so??? Finally i reached my destination where i found what i was looking for on an isolated piece of ground. I bend down to grab the feather and suddenly a surge of passion took hold of me for a brief moment. I was reminded of an old adage that "heroes get remembered but legends never die".I then came out of the dungeon, looked up the heavens and prepared for more time....

It's not about how many times we fall but the way we rise everytime we do

Monday, 24 August 2015

Past your Pleasures and beyond your Pains

We humans have an insatiable desire to acquire as much pleasure as we can. To acquire all that our body and mind crave for.......and to have it immediately. That is the only goal we live by. I don't mean to be some deranged weirdo who suggests to act otherwise but I would like to suggest an alternative way in achieving that goal. Yes, we do need pleasure and that should be our ultimate goal but through my limited life experience, I've come to realize that pleasure doesn't breed pleasure.Instead pain breeds pleasure. The more pleasure we sacrifice, the more pleasure we attain. We need to challenge our body, mind, heart and soul by voluntarily passing it through some tough times in order to achieve peace and pleasure. I choose the word voluntarily because its better to choose pain first before it chooses you. Also this is no one-time exercise as it needs to be done consistently in order for it to work. And just like any good investment, it starts off with losses and then achieves profits after some time. Patience is the key to this process and it needs to be taken slowly. Never go for perfection instead go for improvement. I know it's pretty hard to translate all of this into action but i didn't make the rules. I'm just telling them the way they are.  

No pain, No gain

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Me vs Me

War! That's what it has come down to. Tonight I'm going to War! War to reclaim my soul. War to rectify my mistakes. War to change myself.......War to defeat myself! All my life I've tried fighting alot of people and alot of things but failed miserably. In hindsight I've come to realize that I've been fighting the wrong enemy. Or perhaps it wasn't the right time to fight them. Besides there is a bigger and more brutal enemy running in my blood, veins, heart and mind that needs to be considered first. It is because of this masked enemy that has cost me all my failures. But I can't fight this powerful enemy alone. I can't fight this life long war alone. Especially when it has weakened and blinded my heart and soul. I need help from even more powerful force. A force that can obliterate anything, anytime with no hesitation. The architect. The destroyer. The king of kings and the ruler of beloved creator ALLAH.

May Allah unfreeze our hearts, Ameen

Allah protect me from myself so that I can take care of my enemies

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Precipice of Defeat

After all these years of failures......... failure to distinguish between illusion and reality, failure to stop self-destruction each day, failure to acquire purpose, failure to do good, failure to lift the spirit, failure to recognize true enemy and true power, failure to appreciate my master, failure to learn from failure, after all my failures........yet here i still stand!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Journey to the Center of Myself

Ever since I stepped foot on this god forsaken wasteland, I've been very cautious of this planet's dwellers around me. As a child my first doubts began with my siblings as I thought that they are jealous of me. Then I turned my guns onto my parents for not fulfilling my wishes. Life moved on and I made some friends at school. As it turned out most of them where hypocrites in disguise waiting for the right moment to claim their advantage. Found the love of my life but she too betrayed and left for inconsequential reasons. When I entered my professional career, I tried my best to help my colleagues and in return hoped for their support but when I got into dire straits......unsurprisingly they too proved to be no different.

I sat down and cursed this planet's dwellers with savage rage inside me. I always knew humans couldn't be trusted but I wasn't expecting such level of duplicity. All of a sudden this rage.....this feeling of powerlessness..... started to consume me. Even I couldn't escape this hell on earth. Suddenly I stood up and started racing back and forth in my room due to restlessness. I wanted to strike back and take revenge on people who did this to me. A diabolical plan struck me. A scheme to root out my enemies. A plan to avenge my destruction. Evil was about to completely consume me and just as i was about to execute my evil intentions, out of no where I was standing face to face with one last enemy I missed all along........myself. Last thing I remembered was racing back and forth in my room and now i was standing in front of the mirror and saw a man......tangled in strings. And guess who controlled those strings?......i did!!! It was has always been me......I was my own worst enemy. I created an illusion and called it reality. In fact I am my only enemy. I attacked myself with irrational emotions, illogical reasoning and uncontrollable impulses. It has always been my fault and I blamed everyone else for my own mistakes. I tried controlling other people of which I have no control over and never controlled myself of which i have total control.

I always imagined great power and truth inside my core but it turns out I've been feeding the devil inside me. Hypocrisy, lies and deception were not out there, they've been mostly inside me. But instead of lowering the force of my rage, i put the pedal to the metal and raised my guns again but only this time.....i turned them on myself! I need to conquer the evil inside me. Some may call it a war between good and evil. Others may think it's a war between conscience and sub-conscience. For me it's all about redemption!  

Got no more hate, pride and shame which makes me dangerous

This post is entirely fictional.

Monday, 22 June 2015

The Final Assault

Its been more than half a decade since our rivalry initiated. Sadly on all occasions my nemesis has gotten the best of me. I fought with resilience and put in significant amount of effort but to no avail. Perhaps there are some things that cannot be defeated. Although I'm not quite fond of this statement but I guess i'll have to believe it just this once......sigh.....perhaps its time to move on with my other endeavors in life.......but not before I gather all my strengths for one final assault!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Secret lies of Feelings matter how and where they come, it's always nice to feel especially when it's pleasant. But little do we know that in most occasions good feelings are a disaster in disguise. Good feelings start their onslaught even before we open our eyes in morning. How? well what is the first thing we feel when we are awake? Going back to sleep. Then as the day progress we feel like eating junk food, never studying any book or article, having chit chat with colleagues during work hours, cursing people we hate, having no exercise, not praying, promoting hatred, surrendering to body and mind impulses, watching garbage movies and listening vulgar songs, lying, cheating, flirting, procrastinating, misbehaving and the list goes on. And at the end of the day we feel like staying awake even after mid night. We do all these and other feel good things because they all just feel good and give short term pleasure. But short term pleasures have long term consequences. All the above mentioned and other things have severe long term disadvantages and when that time come's, there will be no option but to endure the pain! And if's that's not enough, how does our feelings react when we get on the right track? We feel bad or indifferent!!! Such is the duplicity and mischievousness of feelings!!! 

Let me digress a little bit by saying that this world is not a place to feel good. It's a place of injustice, brutality and pain. It is actually heaven where we are supposed to feel good at all times. Don't be a slave to your feelings but rather challenge them! So if you're in pain then don't feel bad cause we are supposed to expect pain in this world not pleasure. And on the bright side, pain is the opposite of good feeling and pleasure which is a blessing in disguise. Don't believe me? Wait out the storm and see it for yourself.........literally and figuratively.......

I'm not suggesting we shouldn't try to feel good but we should be very cautious during such state and be mindful of it's adverse consequences which most good feelings possess. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lost Glory

Everything seemed all right......but didn't felt so. I knew something was wrong with me, with us and the world. I had been having such sensations for a long time. Felt like I had been robbed of something very precious. Something irreplaceable. My purpose or faith. And then a time came when I couldn't stand it anymore. So I decided to journey to the far corners of the world to uncover the truth. I grabbed my treasure map which had kept safe my most precious treasure from evil and its might. I had to go check if my treasure was safe and secure.

After commencement of my journey, the skies struck first with extreme weather. The land extended itself to lengthen my journey. The air got thicker to breathe. Temperature fluctuated drastically. The jungle sent wild beasts to cut short my journey. And if all this wasn't enough my demons within me got rebellious to a whole new level. But my thirst for truth overwhelmed all obstacles with a lot of Divine help. So after sincere perseverance, I reached a centuries old cave where I hid my treasure. The place has just like it was supposed to be. I started digging and then with monumental effort extracted my treasure box. Just as I opened the box I got the shock of my life.......IT WAS GONE!!!!! the soul of my soul, the existence of my existence, the love of my love........I WAS ROBBED!!!! My treasure box was empty. As it turned out, I had been living a lie. A puppet attached to strings. I was deceived to believe that my purpose, goal, faith were true and protected but they were all fake. I was blinded despite having eyes.

I gave the devil his due for planning such a beautiful deception. After that I fell on my knees with both hands raised and palms open. I pleaded forgiveness and mercy from GOD. I acknowledged my faults. I thought this was the end of the line. Felt like my time had come.  But just as I about to close my palms, a feather fell into my hands..........the feather of a phoenix. It wasn't the end of the line after all. In fact it was the beginning of a new one. And for a moment an amazing surge of passion took me by surprise. Time had come to reclaim my and our lost glory. But I still had a lot of questions. I still had a lot to learn. I still required a lot of strength.

As I came out of the cave, I thought to myself that I couldn't get my answers from this world. So I raised my head and gazed the stars with a smile.  

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Audacity

We lie instead of telling the truth, we snatch our own people rights instead of protecting it, we pull each other's leg down instead of pulling each other's arm up, we commit fraud instead of acting in fairness, we believe in money, power, personal contacts etc instead of believing in ALLAH, we disrespect our women and vice versa instead of showing courtesy, we commit fornication instead of marriage, we hate each other and are very good at it too instead of loving each other, we hide our faces behind a mask instead of showing our true face, we hold on to our stupid ego instead of letting it go, we complain about 4 things we don't have instead of being grateful for 4 Quintilian things that we do, we hold grudges against our brothers and sisters instead of forgiving them, we try to build a perfect world here on earth instead of building it for hereafter, we demand respect instead of giving it, we've become slaves of people instead of becoming slaves of ALLAH alone.......sigh.......and then we have the audacity to call ourselves Muslims ......

May Allah have mercy on us, Ameen......