Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Audacity

We lie instead of telling the truth, we snatch our own people rights instead of protecting it, we pull each other's leg down instead of pulling each other's arm up, we commit fraud instead of acting in fairness, we believe in money, power, personal contacts etc instead of believing in ALLAH, we disrespect our women and vice versa instead of showing courtesy, we commit fornication instead of marriage, we hate each other and are very good at it too instead of loving each other, we hide our faces behind a mask instead of showing our true face, we hold on to our stupid ego instead of letting it go, we complain about 4 things we don't have instead of being grateful for 4 Quintilian things that we do, we hold grudges against our brothers and sisters instead of forgiving them, we try to build a perfect world here on earth instead of building it for hereafter, we demand respect instead of giving it, we've become slaves of people instead of becoming slaves of ALLAH alone.......sigh.......and then we have the audacity to call ourselves Muslims ......

May Allah have mercy on us, Ameen......

1 comment:

  1. So true Fary... But the devil... He's just anoda crony!!