Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lost Glory

Everything seemed all right......but didn't felt so. I knew something was wrong with me, with us and the world. I had been having such sensations for a long time. Felt like I had been robbed of something very precious. Something irreplaceable. My purpose or perhaps........my faith. And then a time came when I couldn't stand it anymore. So I decided to journey to the far corners of the world to uncover the truth. I grabbed my treasure map which had kept safe my most precious treasure from evil and its might. I had to go check if my treasure was safe and secure.

After commencement of my journey, the skies struck first with extreme weather. The land extended itself to lengthen my journey. The air got thicker to breathe. Temperature fluctuated drastically. The jungle sent wild beasts to cut short my journey. And if all this wasn't enough my demons within me got rebellious to a whole new level. But my thirst for truth overwhelmed all obstacles with a lot of Divine help. So after sincere perseverance, I reached a centuries old cave where I hid my treasure. The place has just like it was supposed to be. I started digging and then with monumental effort extracted my treasure box. Just as I opened the box I got the shock of my life.......IT WAS GONE!!!!! the soul of my soul, the existence of my existence, the love of my love........I WAS ROBBED!!!! My treasure box was empty. As it turned out, I had been living a lie. A puppet attached to strings. I was deceived to believe that my purpose, goal, faith were true and protected but they were all fake. I was blinded despite having eyes.

I gave the devil his due for planning such a beautiful deception. After that I fell on my knees with both hands raised and palms open. I pleaded forgiveness and mercy from GOD. I acknowledged my faults. I thought this was the end of the line. Felt like my time had come.  But just as I about to close my palms, a feather fell into my hands..........the feather of a phoenix. It wasn't the end of the line after all. In fact it was the beginning of a new one. And for a moment an amazing surge of passion took me by surprise. Time had come to reclaim my and our lost glory. But I still had a lot of questions. I still had a lot to learn. I still required a lot of strength.

As I came out of the cave, I thought to myself that I couldn't get my answers from this world. So I raised my head and gazed the stars with a smile.  

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  1. A puppet attached to strings:)) Fary yar dats soooooo true!!! Neeed to b very strong to overcome this sick feeeling!