Monday, 18 May 2015

Secret lies of Feelings matter how and where they come, it's always nice to feel especially when it's pleasant. But little do we know that in most occasions good feelings are a disaster in disguise. Good feelings start their onslaught even before we open our eyes in morning. How? well what is the first thing we feel when we are awake? Going back to sleep. Then as the day progress we feel like eating junk food, never studying any book or article, having chit chat with colleagues during work hours, cursing people we hate, having no exercise, not praying, promoting hatred, surrendering to body and mind impulses, watching garbage movies and listening vulgar songs, lying, cheating, flirting, procrastinating, misbehaving and the list goes on. And at the end of the day we feel like staying awake even after mid night. We do all these and other feel good things because they all just feel good and give short term pleasure. But short term pleasures have long term consequences. All the above mentioned and other things have severe long term disadvantages and when that time come's, there will be no option but to endure the pain! And if's that's not enough, how does our feelings react when we get on the right track? We feel bad or indifferent!!! Such is the duplicity and mischievousness of feelings!!! 

Let me digress a little bit by saying that this world is not a place to feel good. It's a place of injustice, brutality and pain. It is actually heaven where we are supposed to feel good at all times. Don't be a slave to your feelings but rather challenge them! So if you're in pain then don't feel bad cause we are supposed to expect pain in this world not pleasure. And on the bright side, pain is the opposite of good feeling and pleasure which is a blessing in disguise. Don't believe me? Wait out the storm and see it for yourself.........literally and figuratively.......

I'm not suggesting we shouldn't try to feel good but we should be very cautious during such state and be mindful of it's adverse consequences which most good feelings possess.