Thursday, 16 July 2015

Me vs Me

War! That's what it has come down to. Tonight I'm going to War! War to reclaim my soul. War to rectify my mistakes. War to change myself.......War to defeat myself! All my life I've tried fighting alot of people and alot of things but failed miserably. In hindsight I've come to realize that I've been fighting the wrong enemy. Or perhaps it wasn't the right time to fight them. Besides there is a bigger and more brutal enemy running in my blood, veins, heart and mind that needs to be considered first. It is because of this masked enemy that has cost me all my failures. But I can't fight this powerful enemy alone. I can't fight this life long war alone. Especially when it has weakened and blinded my heart and soul. I need help from even more powerful force. A force that can obliterate anything, anytime with no hesitation. The architect. The destroyer. The king of kings and the ruler of beloved creator ALLAH.

May Allah unfreeze our hearts, Ameen

Allah protect me from myself so that I can take care of my enemies

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