Monday, 24 August 2015

Past your Pleasures and beyond your Pains

We humans have an insatiable desire to acquire as much pleasure as we can. To acquire all that our body and mind crave for.......and to have it immediately. That is the only goal we live by. I don't mean to be some deranged weirdo who suggests to act otherwise but I would like to suggest an alternative way in achieving that goal. Yes, we do need pleasure and that should be our ultimate goal but through my limited life experience, I've come to realize that pleasure doesn't breed pleasure.Instead pain breeds pleasure. The more pleasure we sacrifice, the more pleasure we attain. We need to challenge our body, mind, heart and soul by voluntarily passing it through some tough times in order to achieve peace and pleasure. I choose the word voluntarily because its better to choose pain first before it chooses you. Also this is no one-time exercise as it needs to be done consistently in order for it to work. And just like any good investment, it starts off with losses and then achieves profits after some time. Patience is the key to this process and it needs to be taken slowly. Never go for perfection instead go for improvement. I know it's pretty hard to translate all of this into action but i didn't make the rules. I'm just telling them the way they are.  

No pain, No gain