Saturday, 19 September 2015

Silence of the Winds

Once there existed a small town in a remote piece of land. The residents of that town were ethically backward and morally corrupt. Children at early age were given no education on how to behave, men treated their women with utmost disrespect and elderly were left on their own. Any modern society would've cried tears of blood after witnessing the horror displayed at that town. Injustice ran rampant. Hatred grew stronger. Humanity stooped to new levels. But humanity was not going to face such barbarism alone. Because when devils reign on earth goes unabated, angels come down to balance the equation. And an angel did arrive in that town on one fine cloudy and windy morning.......

She....sigh..... even the mere thought of her gets the best of writers mesmerized. She was nothing like anyone has ever known. After arriving at that town in a hooded dress to conceal her beauty from the evil surrounding, she first approached a gathering of children who ganged up and were beating another kid mercilessly. She quickly intervened and took the poor kid under her protection and politely requested those other kids to show some empathy. Her own empathy had such a magical effect that those children immediately complied. That princess in disguise moved on to other parts of the town and saw an elderly who was gingerly walking towards his home. She grabbed his hand with immense care and accompanied the elderly all the way to his home. As that angel on earth was about to depart from that town, she saw a women sitting and crying at the front porch of her own home because her husband had beaten her up but only this time with more cruelty than before. She approached her too, helped her up and raised her chin which her soft fingers and told her to go back to her man and assured her that everything will be fine. The innocence in her eyes had another mysterious reaction on that women and when that women went back to her man, he feel in love with his own wife for the first time and remained so forever.

Angels do exist in human form and that beautiful specimen remains a living proof. Just before her departure from that town, she looked back, lowered her hood, raised her palm and blew a kiss towards the town as the winds carried her purity to all the dead hearts of that town. The devils reign ended afterwards and the age of love and compassion began.

She has never been seen after that day.............until now :)

Happy birthday Ayesha :)     


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