Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Rising Mind

I knocked I kicked down the doors of the deepest, darkest dungeon inside me and entered for the umpteenth time. As I walked past the rubble of my destruction and watched my failures from the past, I was filled with disgust not because of what I've become....sigh....but what I could've been. But I wasn't  there that day to mourn my losses. I don't have time to bleed anymore. I was there to grab a very special force.....the feather of the phoenix's wing. So i descended deeper into the dungeon as the demons made every effort to stop me. Some of them were even shocked to see me adventuring inwards. After all, how many of us are educated enough to do so??? Finally i reached my destination where i found what i was looking for on an isolated piece of ground. I bend down to grab the feather and suddenly a surge of passion took hold of me for a brief moment. I was reminded of an old adage that "heroes get remembered but legends never die".I then came out of the dungeon, looked up the heavens and prepared for more time....

It's not about how many times we fall but the way we rise everytime we do

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