Saturday, 7 January 2017

Against the Currents

Restless and relentless, I arrive once more at the shore to restart my voyage to the edge of the world........or perhaps the universe. My countless and futile efforts have always put me down in the past but couldn't keep me there permanently. As i'm like waves in the ocean; every time i fall, i learn to pick myself up. This unforgiving world may cast me out every time but i'll keep coming back for more.........and more.

So what is it different about me this time? Have i acquired a new skill? Do i bring some exceptional knowledge? Am i more wise now?.....sigh....perhaps not. Or perhaps i don't need them to begin with. I just set out to the sunset like I've always done before. With the belief that regardless of everything, i'll always be more powerful beyond measure. That all you need is pure passion to fulfill your legacy. And that you never back down from a good fight and keep fighting till the last drop of blood.